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This website is deprecated

This website is deprecated.

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Discover the DME
Discover the DME
The DME (Digital Mathematics Environment) is a digital learning and assessment environment for mathematics in secondary and higher education. Interactive teaching methods and feedback play a central role. Students can work at any time on modules that have been selected for them and receive feedback on their answers. Teachers can view the students' work and adapt modules and activities to meet the class' needs. Some functions require a license, currently only available in the Netherlands and Belgium. But please let us know if your school is interested in trying out this software.
DME School License
To gain access to more advanced features, schools can obtain a DME school license.

The DME school license is currently only available in the Netherlands and Belgium. For questions outside of these regions, please contact us through the contact form.

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DWO-abonnement aanvragen
DWO-abonnement opzeggen
The DME Anytime, Anyplace
The DME has been developed from the perspective that good digital education should be available to everyone independent of the used operating system. To achieve this goal we developed a version for students that works in all modern browsers and on all devices (computer, tablet, smartphone).

Originally, the DME is a Java-based environment. As from September 2015 we provide a Java-free environment for students. For other functions in the DME, such as class administration, viewing student work by teachers and for editing modules, a Java-based version of the DME is still required. See: www.dwo.nl/en/teacher.

The old Java-based version of the DME is still available at www.dwo.nl/en/java.

The DME Actively Developed
The DME is developed by a team of scientific programmers, educational developers, researchers, and teachers.

Your feedback is much appreciated in improving the DME. Please use the contact form.

The DME Has an Academic Foundation
The DME origins from a collection of 'applets': small computer programs with mathematical exercises and games, offered on WisWeb. The applets have been developed in many projects of the Freudenthal Institute in cooperation with schools and educational partners. In the applets models and representations play a central role, for example the balance method for solving equations or cutting figures in calculating a surface. Using interactive models and representations is an important cornerstone of the DME.
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New functionalities in the DME, such as feedback options and adaptivity of the educational content, originate from the didactical vision of the Freudenthal Institute and have been researched in several projects. Some examples of research projects in which the DME played a significant role are: (partly in Dutch)

The Teacher as Author
Teachers with a school license can use class administration, view students' work, and also use the authoring tool. With the authoring tool the DME modules offered by the Freudenthal Institute can be adapted and new modules can be designed.

For adapting existing modules no programming skills are required. The authoring tool resembles a text editor and several manuals are available (see manuals).